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Open organisers back police on pepper spray and tear gas against protesters

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the building where hundreds of police officers were deployed to repel a protest against the police.

Some of the people taking part in the rally were angry at police handling of the protest as it got underway and a few joined in the chant ‘down with the police’.

Protesters have held protests against the police for the past few days.

Police are seeking details of who among the marchers were affiliated to a terrorist organisation, but have said it was a peaceful, spontaneous protest.

Police have been deployed in riot gear with tear gas and pepper spray to disperse crowds from a demonstration in the northern European city of Amsterdam early on Tuesday (4 February) afternoon.

A number of protesters on Tuesday were being treated in hospital for injuries which could range from minor to life-threatening, police said.

Some of those who participated in Tuesday’s protest were injured in the clashes, they said.

Police deployed a huge police cordon near Amsterdam’s central train station (AFP)

On Thursday, a Dutch government watchdog criticized the police for giving out the name of one person with the wrong identity papers to an official trying to enter the country.

The Dutch anti-terrorism body, DUTI, said the woman appeared at a police check-point without any ID and was given a “cricket-matching tag” instead of a proper security badge.

Earlier 우리카지노쿠폰in the day, police in Amsterdam said they had detained 12 people who had been planning to set fire to a police van outside a hotel. One was wounded in the attack.

The two protesters arrested on Tuesday were described by police as Moroccan, Algerian, Iraqi, Syrian and 카지노 펍Palestinian.

They were detained on Thur아시안 카지노sday, and two others had their convictions in May overturned on Thursday, it emerged late on Tuesday evening.

In addition, it was not immediately clear who might have set fire to the van.